Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Framery forgotten on Memorial Ave. Lynchburg Virginia

This picture has been sold 4 times in 2 weeks at The Framery
I have been living here in Lynchburg for over 25 years and passed by The Framery perhaps a zillion times and never bothered to look past the sign.  Well one day I spotted the excellent photographer, Andrew Wilds at a local fast food joint in Lynchburg.  We talked about photography and he recommended that I ought to check out Jerry Shores at The Framery.  Well I had a preconception of what The Framery was just a little shop that did framing.

Boy was I wrong.  I should have taken a hint The Framery was an established business long before I ever came to Lynchburg.  It has been at the same location for 35 years.  When I walked in the door I was greeted by a vast assortment of framed art work.  Works from artists  Queena Stoval, Mort Kunstler (a famous painter who depicts scenes from the Civil War) to David Heath could be seen throughout the room. And this is just a taste of what he has to offer.   The Framery is an unique find in Lynchburg of exceptional art.  Then I approached the second room and to my surprise more famous artists both local and National caught my eye.

And, there was the third room like following the yellow brick road I had reached the destination where I met Jerry Shores the owner of The Framery.  You could not meet a nicer person he was friendly and you immediately got the feeling you just met nicest guy in the whole world.  And I was soon to learn he was and is one of the most valuable resources for artists and photographers in the Lynchburg area.

Services he offers:

The best professional framing in the area:   The Framery has prices compatible with all the framing shops and hobby shops in Lynchburg even when they offer 55 percent off.  Jerry is still cheaper and much better.

Professional printing:  Photographers should forget about the printing they do at the major chain stores and take their printing needs to the best available in Lynchburg.  Jerry prints with a large format printer that uses 11 archival inks.  He prints on the finest papers and canvas and the prints are superb.  Ten times better than anything you can get locally.

Print service for Artists:  Jerry can produce the finest prints  from oils, pastels, and other forms of media and the quality would make Currier and Ives jealous.  Just bring in your work and see what he can do with it.  His prices are reasonable for the exceptional prints he produces on the best of papers and canvas.  All printing is done with archival inks.

Photo restoration:  Jerry does the finest work around in restoring photos.  His work is quite amazing. 

Commission work:  When Jerry accepts work it sells.  He has a good eye for what his customers want.  If you have work that you want to sell Jerry is an excellent resource.  You should expect total honesty from him.  He will tell you kindly and with his discerning eye what his customers will buy and why.

The friendliest staff:  I have met and enjoyed the company of Sam, Jane and Beth.  You could not meet better people to deal with.  They will be glad to help you to their full ability and take the time to meet your needs.  Another solid plus for The Framery.

It is finds like these that makes living in Lynchburg  an exciting adventure.  Since my short time in dealing with Jerry he has done a good deal of printing and framing for me.  My sales have been brisk and I am indeed surprised at the volume of my work that he has sold. I have seen  the most outstanding customers come through the door. His clientele consists of  prominent interior decorators, artists, photographers  to large business concerns such as banks and representatives of major corporations.  He has State contracts and City contracts and contracts with hospitals and other major institutions throughout Central Virginia.

There is a reason they do their business there.  The Framery does outstanding work.

You can find The Framery on Google maps be sure to add it to your GPS.

Beyond these Hills hidden away on Waterlick Road

Foggy Wood soon to be offered at Beyond these Hills
When I first walked into Beyond these Hills I entered a new world of beauty.  Here you can find the work of some of the best local artists.  I was really impressed by huge selection of art and the impressive beautiful furnishings.

The very personable owner Vera Swain will lead you on a tour of amazement through the extensive collection of one of a kind art found in her shop.

 From her website:

Once you walk in this unique home accessory shop you’ll realize that this is not your average home d├ęcor shop. A quick glance will surprise you to see a variety of accent furniture pieces with old world charm to traditional pieces mixed in with a casual country rustic lodge look.  Lamps, pottery and framed artwork along with an array of beautiful home accents are placed throughout this spacious shop. You’ll receive a warm welcome from shop owner Vera Swain or possibly Gladys Sales and Margo Allen part time assistants. Soft music will be playing in the background as you browse. Stay and visit or just sit and relax by the warm fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, tea  or cocoa.
The art and accents reflect a theme of nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. Wonderful gift ideas for the  golfer, fisherman and hunter along with items for the more feminine side such as beautiful botanicals, candles, jewelry and much, much more.
Long time admirer of Bob Timberlake, Tim Wolfe and many other well known artists, Vera Swain has designed her shop to offer the beauty and serenity found in their work.  A recent approved Bob Timberlake dealer, Swain is hopeful that her interest and love of his art will be found in others throughout the area.
Many treasures adorn the unique pieces of old world charm furniture found from a supplier that offers solid timber yesteryear furniture bench built, using only reclaimed or recycled timbers, to create a genuine aged patina. Some may say they’re antique reproductions or distressed pieces but however you prefer to describe them they have character and no two pieces are alike.

 Who would have thought that such beauty could be all concealed in this little place on Waterlick Road.  I was indeed impressed by the furniture made from reclaimed wood.  Unique pieces that would wonderfully add to the accent of any home.  There are lots of beautiful finds of hand painted furniture that are excellently crafted.  At first look you might think that the elaborate paintings were printed, but no they are all hand done.  Art classes are also offered by the creators of these masterpieces on site at Beyond these Hills.

If you were looking for that special gift and you wanted to give one of quality and would be cherished Beyond the Hills is the place to visit.   Prices are extremely reasonable for the quality.And the gifts would be pleasing for both men and women.   My thoughts are this is the perfect place to find that very special wedding gift, friendship gift and perhaps a special gift for you.

You can find  directions to Beyond these Hills in Google Maps so be sure to add it to your GPS.