Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dancing Leaf Florist & Gallery over looked on Fifth Street Lynchburg

This print along with some other prints of mine are available at the Dancing Leaf
I have driven past the Dancing Leaf as I am sure you have a ton of times.  It does catch your eye as you drive by the window displays are always changing and are creatively unique.  So one day I just decided to stop in.

And I am glad I did. I met one of the most interesting artists in Lynchburg and there is to more Cheri Payne than meets your eye.  She has accomplishments.  Her bio reveals  one stunning success story, only succeeded by another  more impressive story.  And it is all based on her amazing creativity.

From her website:

Cheri Payne, owner and lead designer, has a degree in
interior design and many years experience in retail
display and professional floral design.  Among her
accomplishments is award-winning Christmas design
for the Reagan Administration White House.  Cheri
has been a professional floral designer for both FTD
and Teleflora and has twice owned her own successful
florist shop.  She now illustrates children's books and
murals, both residential and commercial.  Her
specialty is wedding floral work and she functions as
wedding consultant in our new "Bridal" room.  Cheri
oversees artist selection for our monthly Trolley tours
and plans the always exciting "First Friday" openings.  
Into this busy schedule she fits custom painting antique
furniture for sale in our gallery.

Now if this is not enough to describe her I should add Cheri is one of the kindest persons I have met.  Talking to her is indeed a pleasure. And so is Sonya Anderson you just get a feeling of comfort when you enter through the doors.

Cheri offers a magnitude of services to her clients, and I am sure at some time she could really help fill your needs.  You can find a list of the things she does on her website from home furnishing, decorator services to planning that special event.  And more.

But I would like to highlight what I found most interesting.  And it is the art.  On permanent display is the work of Ana Zivick.  Her art work is quite amazing and not the usual fare that you would find in Lynchburg.  Let me explain:  Most of the artists in the Lynchburg area are more traditional in their styles you have realism, impressionism, and other styles well represented in Lynchburg.  Ana breaks new ground in creatively in large canvases with her own unique style.  If you were in New York you may see some work of this caliber, but in Lynchburg this is a tremendous find.  Her work is beyond stunning it is fabulous.

In a way, having this beautiful art in Lynchburg is because of Cheri's creative eye.  Cheri has talent and she is ready to display not only her own beautiful art but some of the best works that can be found in Lynchburg.

In December, I will be the featured artist of the month.  At present, at The Dancing Leaf I do have a selection of prints that you may enjoy.  And I am indeed honored to have my work in such an impressive gallery in Lynchburg.

I hope sometime you can stop by The Dancing Leaf it will be a Lynchburg experience that you will not soon forget.

Dancing Leaf can be found in Google maps, be sure to add it to your GPS. 

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  1. Hi Robert,
    I was very flattered with the comments you made about my art. Thank you so much for that.
    I consider myself a beginner and it makes me literally blush to read that someone with your talent can appreciate what I do.
    Your photography is absolutely breathtaking. I will come to take a closer look at the Dancing leaf.
    Hope to maybe meet you one ideas.
    Ana Zivick.