Monday, September 20, 2010

Hidden on Lynchburg's Riverfront: The Piedmont Flour Mill

This abandoned flour mill provided flour to the confederate troops during the American Civil War. It operated into the second half of the 20th century. The Piedmont Flour Mill was recently sold to a developer who intends to do a multi million dollar renovation.  Above is a picture of the Piedmont Flour Mill for sale on my SmugMug site.  Below is a YouTube video with some interesting details in the narrative. It is a quite interesting building and once renovated should be a wonderful highlight of Lynchburg downtown history.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Secret hiding places of Lynchburg Panoramic Views

 Lynchburg VA Photo 1920 print
Lynchburg VA Photo 1920 by lc_panoramicphotos
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Have you seen panoramic  views of Lynchburg Virginia in restaurants and other businesses in Lynchburg and thought you would like one of your own?  

Zazzle has partnered with the Library of Congress  to make these available to you at a very low cost.  Sizes can be small to colossal. And framing is available. 

A word about Zazzle:  I use Zazzle myself, and often design and order products from them.  I am always impressed by the high quality of all their products.  

Other Lynchburg Panoramic Views can be found below:

Train Lynchburg VA Photo 1909 



 Randolph Macon College Photo 1907 



Lynchburg, VA Viaduct Photo 1919 



Train & City Lynchburg Photo 1915 



Lynchburg, VA Photo 1915 



Lynchburg VA Train Photo 1913






Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Art of Bruce Maybry Lynchburg's hidden talent

On Display Academy of Fine Arts  Copyright Bruce Maybry

I first saw one of Bruce Maybry's works at the Academy of Fine Art in Lynchburg Virginia.  It is in the Gallery on Main Street and if you look to left when you enter you see it on permanent display on the wall by the steps.  A good choice for the Academy.  His work is spectacular. Each of the figures in his work are portraits of real people that are a part of Lynchburg;s history.  He even has a portrait of himself in the lower left corner.

One character that has significant meaning to me is the newspaper carrier.  He has his back to us and was one of the enduring images of early morning Lynchburg and after years of carrying the newspapers one arm was noticeably longer than the other.

Although, many thought he was a poor man it is rumored that he died a millionaire.  Buck Tyree ( There is little on the Internet about Buck) another notable artist from Lynchburg also used the newspaper man as the subject in a beautiful early morning painting of Lynchburg.  I have not seen any of Buck Tyree's work in years, but his images have also left an enduring image in my mind.

And in a sense, Bruce Maybry's inclusion of the paper man is both a tribute to the newspaper man and Buck Tyree.  When I talked with Bruce it was apparent that he has a great appreciation of Buck Tyree.  And other local stars in the Lynchburg Art world.
An example of Bruce Maybry;s early work
 Bruce has said to me one of his greatest influences is from the work of  David Heath.  David Heath both a photographer and a master of oils had found the mastery of light which is well exhibited in his paintings.  Bruce said he tried to emulate David Heath, because he loves his work.  His early work shows that influence and he felt his effort just did not meet his expectations.  Personally, I really like Bruce Maybry's early work and when I had the opportunity to buy  a signed print of Batteau Landing I was ecstatic.

His departure from his earlier style to the more vibrant presents a journey into the spirit.  Each of Bruce's new works exhibit strong feelings of exuberance that can be directly transmitted from his work to the viewer.  He depicts scenes of Lynchburg in a joyful manner filled with people in celebration.  He also has a large body of Religious Art and his use of light  shows influence from the works of David Heath, although the subject matter is completely different.

While I sat with Bruce, he pulled out a portfolio of work from Steve Coates.  Steve is the co-owner of Montana Plains Bakery and a very gifted film photographer.   Steve's work is portrait based in a photo journalistic style his photos always shows that emotional impact of character.  Though, we did not discuss Steve at length I can see a glimmer in Bruce's eye.  And know Steve has an influence also in the beautiful works of Bruce Maybry.

I soon expect to see Bruce Maybry's work evolve in a new style.  He is a talent in Lynchburg that should not be overlooked.  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Strange Journey of Foggy Wood

Foggy Wood available locally at the Framery
Foggy Wood has been my most well  received photo that I have ever taken.  On September 3rd of 2010 it went on display at the National Geographic Museum as one of the most beautiful found in its archives.  I was indeed humbled by the selection by National Geographic Resident Photographer, Annie Griffiths Belt.  Who is one of the most noted and outstanding photographers in the world.  It was also a pleasure to have her to select my photo for her book, 'Simply Beautiful Photographs'.

Foggy Wood will also be appearing in a National Geographic calendar for 2011 now available from the National Geographic Store.  

The photo has had a strange Journey.  It had previously been in the March 2008 edition of National Geographic.  and has won second place in the National Parks Foundation Share the Experience Contest.  Foggy Wood has also appeared as a two page spread in JPG. Magazine. It has also had an odd trip of being echoed through the internet when Smashing Magazine posted 35 Fantastic HDR pictures.  This article echoed through the internet with thousands of re-postings.

 Recently I posted this as a comment on a blog when they were discussing the pluses and pitfalls of HDR (high dynamic range) photography.  Thankfully Mary Day Long the author of Mare Cognitum did enjoy my photograph and used it as an example of artful use of High Dynamic Range.  My comment is below:

Hi and thank you for your linking to my photo Foggy Wood. I imagine the trick in the HDR process is not to become too fascinated with how out of tune your photo can become. It is a temptation for many to push that envelope and end up with the results of what you speak. Really there is no substitute for good honest photography: composition, exposure, and the right aperture are all the factors you must get right. It is much like the old saying you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I think that applies. The trick if you want to call it that is the enhancement has to be subtle and not stray away far from what the original image offered. Its very easy to do, I have done it myself more times than I can count.

But when just the right amount of spice is applied you can and may end up with a very unique and beautiful image. Foggy Wood has become a very well liked image by many. I suppose there are some who would not like it. And that is fine with me. Ultimately I pleased myself and that to me was all that mattered. It will be coming out in a National Geographic Book titled 'Simply Beautiful Photographs' Oct 19th. And it went on display along with other photographs at the National Geographic Museum exhibit Sept 3rd.

The photo has taken an interesting journey and I have enjoyed watching it find a path of its own.

 It is indeed interesting to me how this photo continues to draw interest since I first published it on Flickr on March 2nd 2007. 

It appears that it may be an enduring image, one that I could never replicate, one that perhaps as Ansel Adams would had said "God pushed the shutter button".

If you would like a personally signed copy of this image I can be contacted at

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Dancing Leaf Florist & Gallery over looked on Fifth Street Lynchburg

This print along with some other prints of mine are available at the Dancing Leaf
I have driven past the Dancing Leaf as I am sure you have a ton of times.  It does catch your eye as you drive by the window displays are always changing and are creatively unique.  So one day I just decided to stop in.

And I am glad I did. I met one of the most interesting artists in Lynchburg and there is to more Cheri Payne than meets your eye.  She has accomplishments.  Her bio reveals  one stunning success story, only succeeded by another  more impressive story.  And it is all based on her amazing creativity.

From her website:

Cheri Payne, owner and lead designer, has a degree in
interior design and many years experience in retail
display and professional floral design.  Among her
accomplishments is award-winning Christmas design
for the Reagan Administration White House.  Cheri
has been a professional floral designer for both FTD
and Teleflora and has twice owned her own successful
florist shop.  She now illustrates children's books and
murals, both residential and commercial.  Her
specialty is wedding floral work and she functions as
wedding consultant in our new "Bridal" room.  Cheri
oversees artist selection for our monthly Trolley tours
and plans the always exciting "First Friday" openings.  
Into this busy schedule she fits custom painting antique
furniture for sale in our gallery.

Now if this is not enough to describe her I should add Cheri is one of the kindest persons I have met.  Talking to her is indeed a pleasure. And so is Sonya Anderson you just get a feeling of comfort when you enter through the doors.

Cheri offers a magnitude of services to her clients, and I am sure at some time she could really help fill your needs.  You can find a list of the things she does on her website from home furnishing, decorator services to planning that special event.  And more.

But I would like to highlight what I found most interesting.  And it is the art.  On permanent display is the work of Ana Zivick.  Her art work is quite amazing and not the usual fare that you would find in Lynchburg.  Let me explain:  Most of the artists in the Lynchburg area are more traditional in their styles you have realism, impressionism, and other styles well represented in Lynchburg.  Ana breaks new ground in creatively in large canvases with her own unique style.  If you were in New York you may see some work of this caliber, but in Lynchburg this is a tremendous find.  Her work is beyond stunning it is fabulous.

In a way, having this beautiful art in Lynchburg is because of Cheri's creative eye.  Cheri has talent and she is ready to display not only her own beautiful art but some of the best works that can be found in Lynchburg.

In December, I will be the featured artist of the month.  At present, at The Dancing Leaf I do have a selection of prints that you may enjoy.  And I am indeed honored to have my work in such an impressive gallery in Lynchburg.

I hope sometime you can stop by The Dancing Leaf it will be a Lynchburg experience that you will not soon forget.

Dancing Leaf can be found in Google maps, be sure to add it to your GPS. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Second Thoughts hidden in a strip mall on 221

This photo along with other works of mine can be found at Second Thoughts

I remember when I first discovered On Second Thoughts.  I was waiting for someone in a strip mall off 221, and something caught my eye.  People were coming in and out through the doors in a brisk pace.  Curious I watched more.  This store in its unlikely location was drawing quite a crowd of customers all carrying bags and assorted merchandise.  The more I watched the more fascinated I became.  This store was doing a heck of a business.

My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to look inside.  To my amazement this was not a junk shop all the merchandise was upscale: Well presented and extremely high quality products.  Things that struck me was the cleanliness of the store, the friendliness of the staff and the superb quality of all the merchandise offered.

My thoughts were this is an ideal place to offer my photos for sale.  And I just so happened to have some framed prints in the trunk.  Since that day several years ago, I have had a fantastic business relationship with LeighAnn Davidson the owner of the shop.  She has a nature about her which depicts professionalism and friendliness.  And she is both.  She has become a friend as has the rest of the staff and they all have supported my photography since I first started bringing it in.  I almost have more pleasure by their reaction to photos then when the sales happen.

Looking through her shop you will find some interesting treasures.  One, I particularly enjoyed seeing was an oil painting by Bruce Maybry.  It was beautiful.  It was a landscape of the City of Lynchburg from a hill in Madison Heights.  A goat was on the hill overlooking the city.  What a rare and beautiful find.  One time the story of the goat appeared in a writing by Darrell Laurant.  I can't find the story again, but it added interest in this beautiful painting. And there are more one of a kind interesting items just waiting to be found by you.

On Second Thoughts has a wide assortment of home decor items, furniture, and beautiful art.  It has become one of my favorite stores to visit and I am not alone.  The crowds never cease entering the door.  They know that very special treasure is waiting to be found by them.

On Second Thoughts can be found in Google Maps, be sure to add it to your GPS.